Girl and Her Makeup Affairs - Selection of the perfect foundation

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

The only affair, which stays for the lifetime with a girl, is her affair with the makeup. It all starts with finding the right foundation. These questions haunt every beginner, what color of foundation to select or what rules apply to a specific skin type. These can be very intimidating and finding the right answers is similar to finding a true soul mate.

Many a times the product you buy feels like that of the perfect color in the package but when applied, it looks unusually different. And you wonder why does this always happen with you. It is simply because you have invested in the product, which doesn't match your undertone. When the color doesn't match the skin tone, it generally turns grey, making you look odd. Therefore pick the shade that compliments your skin tone. Oh, so you don’t know what your skin tone is? Don't be anxious, I’ll show you how to determine it.

There are three types of skin tones – Warm, Neutral, and Cool. Warm colors have a yellow (golden) undertone. Cool colors have a blue (aquatic) undertone. Neutral colors have earthy shades such as reds, greys and browns.

Although there are a number of ways to determine your skin tone but the easiest way is to look at the veins inside of your wrist. If the color of your veins is green then you are warm toned, if they are bluish green or purple then you are cool toned whereas, if you are not able to identify then you are most likely neutral toned. However, one important thing to understand is that your skin tone is not static. It can change with seasons and age and therefore your foundation also needs to be changed accordingly.

Now that you know what type is your undertone, choose the base that will make your skin glow and bring out the immense beauty that you possess.

Once you have figured out what color foundation will suit you, the next step is finding the best foundation for your skin type. There are four broad categories of skin types – Normal, Oily, Dry, and Ageing.

If your skin type is normal, you are the lucky one as you can choose any level of coverage. Experiment with various options and choose the texture that you and your skin loves.

For oily skin, opt for medium to full coverage foundation with mattifying effect. For the application of the base avoid using fingers because it will transfer from your fingers to your face. Rather, use sponge or brush for the best results.

Dry skin needs light coverage with hydrating elements in the foundation for dewiness. Unlike for oily skin, use your fingers for applying the base so that skin absorbs the moisture properly.

As far as ageing skin is concerned, tinted moisturizer based light coverage liquid foundation gives luminous and youthful look. One should avoid heavy coverage foundations because it can make wrinkles more prominent.

Finally, while buying the foundation never try on your wrist rather try on your cheek or your jawline. If you choose the right foundation that your beautiful skin demands, it will merge with your skin color like there is no foundation at all. Then just carry that flawless skin with a smile. Remember every girl is pretty but with the right makeup she becomes the prettiest.

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